iKadaster support Immovable Property registration
iKadaster gives solutions to specific environment of Albania


Individual users are allowed to use the iKADASTER system, by registering and managing the safe access rules themselves. The individual user it is himself responsible, for the use of confindencial information in accordance with applicable laws.


Public users like ASHK, Municipality or Court, who do have the right to treat massive information on properties, must arange special agreements with INVENT, related to necessary specific services, regulations for treatment of confidencial information, and also necessary data migration of existing digital property information.
   In the case of processes with masive data, iKadaster, is accompanied by a special mobile application “iKadaster-Photo”, which enables proper organized photos of property “kartelas” and reference documents.


Registration of immovabile property and historic change of property rights

Registration of Immovabile Property at the moment of privatization

Registration of comlete official standard of person data

Registration of agricultural families and “AMTP”

Registration of agricultural parent parcel privatized by law 7501

Registration of properties from the restitution and court issue processes

Standard printing of immovabile property syrvey plan

Standard printing of cadastral balance of agriculture family

Standard printing of cadastral balance of parent parcel

Automated printing of immovabile property kartela


Activity of property field survey.
Massive first registration of immovabile propoerties.
Update and Improve processes.
Evaluation process of ownership titles (AMTP), created under law 7501.
Registration of agriculture land and AMTP generation when missing.
Registration of properties for the purpose of restitution-compensation and litigation.
First registration of immovabile properties in forest and pasture areas.
Registration of public properties.
Quality Control and reportings.

Specific features

The property object can be recorded with three geometries:
  • Point when the boundaries of the property are not known
  • Polygon "HTR" boundary position according to the existing map in ASHK
  • Polygon "PLG" boundary position according to the last improved measurement
Enables the placement of the polygon of “properties in height” (apartments, units), and consequently the area control coverage within a floor of a building.


Safety and convenience on working with maps

Organizing all documentation

Quality control

All types of area analysis


  • In case of using the system for mass processes, it is necessary to organize trainings related to logic and solutions that INVENT has applied in this system, in order to automate processes and quality control which is an integral part of the system.

Short explanations for funcionalities of iKadaster system you may read to the document: Application organization and functionalities.